About Us

We are living in a world where banks pay us zero interest on the money we hold in our current accounts. And we are made to believe that it is ok. At Stoa we think that is not ok, and this needs to change. It is a $59tn problem globally. It affects both consumers and businesses. 

Interestingly, Stoa finds that not everyone wants to actively invest their idle cash, which is why we are building a low-risk yield engine, which will feel like a current account, with no lock-ups, but higher interests. 

Our product road map looks like this across three pillars of yield, payments and money management: 

→ Year 1(2023): Stoa Yield Engine (Deposit and Earn, Withdraw anytime) 

→ Year 2 (2024): Yield Points, Digital Cards and Merchant Discounts 

→ Year 3 (2025): Treasury and Money Management for businesses

As founders, Mike and Sam have always wanted to build useful products that billions of people can use globally, so scaling Stoa is an absolute privilege for them. 

Sam brings in the engineering and technological knowhow and Mike brings in the marketing and brand building expertise.

When people think of money working hard for them, they should think of Stoa.